As course work for the Massey MBA we were tasked with consulting on and preparing a business case for potential blue ocean growth opportunities for Verda New Zealand.

This report examined the market validation, financial forecasts, competitor analysis and risk factors.

Verda was formed as an outdoor wood specialist in 2002 and has grown exponentially since then. They have a significant share of the New Zealand decking market and export their product to Europe, USA, China, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

In 2014 Verda New Zealand Ltd took on the world with their superior, high-performance range of products. Verda
International Limited was launched into the international market and took on several significant architectural
projects. “The investment in the new products and markets is now flowing through by way of exponential sales
growth, brand equity and recognition and support from high-end architects and designers in several global markets.”

Verda has a uniquely superior product and it is through the exploitation of this thatVerda have an opportunity to create
a unique offering into the outdoor furniture market. This offering will raise domestic brand awareness and increase
the quality and lifetime of outdoor furniture in the homes of New Zealanders.

Verda provides high-quality outdoor timber solutions that are simple to install.

This report reviewed the current market for outdoor furniture in domestic and international markets. It will focus on
a solution that meets the needs of the potential customers of Verda. Whilst the solution starts in the New Zealand
market there is scope and opportunity to extend beyond into the International market. It will link the furniture
designers to the customers with Verda providing a conduit through the creation and ownership of a multi-sided

We call this platform TIMBR.